Invited speakers

Marcos N. Eberlin is Professor of Chemistry at University of Campinas – UNICAMP, Brazil. He is currently the president of the International Mass Spectrometry Society and the vice-president of the Brazilian society (BrMASS). He is a member of the Brazilian Academy of Science, the Founding Director of the ThoMSon Mass Spectrometry Laboratory at UNICAMP, and associate editor of Journal of Mass Spectrometry.

His research addresses mainly the development of MS techniques and their applications in various scientific fields such as proteomics, forensics, chemical analysis, reaction mechanisms, ion/molecule reactions, petroleomics, natural products, and pharmaceutical, veterinary and medical sciences. He has authored more than 500 scientific papers and received several awards including the 2008 Scopus-CAPES award for excellence in publication and education in Brazil.

Title of the talk:

“Mass spectrometry fingerprinting of Life: from bacteria, fungus, and embryos to fish, caviar and biological fluids”